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Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaftliche Fakultät

Romanische und Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft – Prof. Dr. Martina Drescher

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Details Workshop "Doing ethics: Interdisciplinary perspectives on communicative practices and verbal devices" 10. - 12.10.2022


This workshop brings together linguists from different backgrounds and researchers from social sciences with an interest in moral discourse and everyday moralities. It aims first, to get a better understanding of the nexus between moralities and language – a topic that has so far been largely neglected by linguists –, and second, to gain deeper insights into the 'ethical affordances', that is the verbal means and communicative practices displaying moral evaluations and judgments. It promotes interdisciplinary research while reflecting, from a more theoretical perspective, on conceptualizations of doing ethics as a communicative achievement, as well as on the entanglements between moral, emotive and modal meanings.

Program & Abstracts

Venue: Universität Bayreuth, RW I, S 58

Date: 10th - 12th October 2022

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